Who runs the The Beauty Council online community?
The Beauty Council is run by The Stylist Group Ltd, a leading digital publisher and media platform with pioneering brands ShortList, Stylist, Emerald Street and Mr Hyde. QuMind provide the platform for The Beauty Council. QuMind is an independent market research company based in London. You can find out more about QuMind at https://qumind.co.uk/.
What are the rules?

First and foremost, the community is a space for you to share feedback and give your opinions on various topics through surveys, discussions, online chats, pinboards, moodboards and other activities.

We’d also encourage you to share anything that you’ve seen or experienced relating to The Stylist or any beauty or fashion brands.

We just have a few ‘house rules’ that we've established for your safety and to keep the community a healthy environment for discussion, full details of which you can find here: https://thebeautycouncil.co.uk/terms (in simple terms, be mindful of the information you share and be nice to other users!)

It is very rare, but breach of our Acceptable Standards may result in the removal of comments, media you upload and the withdrawal of your community membership.

What do you do with my contributions

Your responses to surveys, polls, discussions and other information you share through the community, are collated and analysed by researchers at QuMind before being reported back to the relevant stakeholders at The Stylist.

The findings and subsequent recommendations (based on your feedback) are then used by The Stylist to inform various business decisions, with the ultimate aim of providing the best experience for readers.

We take privacy and data security very seriously and you can find full details of the standards we adhere to in our Privacy Policy.

Can you help with customer service issues?
In a word, no. While we want to hear about your experiences, unfortunately we are unable to help deal with specific customer service-related issues.
How do I take part in research activities?

We will email you an invite to take part in research activities. In the meantime, you can:

  • Post your latest experiences with The Stylist or any beauty or fashion brands, as well as any ideas/suggestions for The Stylist (and see what everyone else is up to!)
  • Take part in discussions, or start your own
  • We will also be sharing feedback from the research activities
I just want to talk to someone
If you want to contact us directly, please use this email: helpbeautycouncil@qumind.raiseaticket.com. The mailbox is monitored daily and we promise to get back to you as soon as possible
How do I leave community?
We’d be very sorry to see you go! But if you wish to leave, simply click unsubscribe in any of our emails.
Tell me more about the prizes

There will be 5 winners each month. The first entrant drawn will win a £100. The second and third entrant drawn will win £50. The fourth and the fifth entrant drawn will win £25.

The full list of prize draw rules can be found here: https://thebeautycouncil.co.uk/terms.

How long will it take to take part in a forum discussion?
This is entirely up to you and how much you want to share with other panel members. It could take a minute or up to 5 minutes depending on how much you would like to write.
How long will each survey take to do?
Surveys will normally take between 5-10 minutes to complete.
How long will I have to complete a survey that you have sent me?
This will vary from survey to survey but typically you will have around 7 days to complete a survey. The closing date of each survey you are sent will be clearly specified within the email.
What will I be asked about?
Lots of different things related to the future of Stylist, ShortList, Emerald Street and Mr Hyde.
What if I don't receive my emails because my email address has changed?
Once you have signed up you will have your own page ("My details") where you can go to change any personal details. If you decide to change your email address at any time, all you need to do is go to "My Details" and change the relevant field.
How do I stop receiving emails from you / unsubscribe from The Beauty Council?
You can unsubscribe from The Beauty Council at any time. To unsubscribe, simply click on the unsubscribe link on any of the emails that we have sent you.
Why can’t I see parts of the community? / Why won’t links work?

There are a number of reasons why you may not be able to view some of our questionnaires. Some suggestions on how to rectify any problems are listed below:

Ensure cookies are enabled

Make sure that you have cookies enabled in your Internet software, as we use cookies to track the status of our questionnaires. For information on checking and enabling your browser cookie settings.

If you would like to keep a high-security setting, but still be able to participate in The Beauty Council online community questionnaires, you will need to add thebeautycouncil.co.uk to your "Safe" or "Trusted" sites. Please consult your browser documentation for assistance on this.

Use of advertising software

If you have advertising software attached or inserted into your emails, you may experience problems with the surveys. Some of these programs delete certain characters from our emails, and thus disable the links we send to you. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to control this, but we do advise you to inform your advertising software provider of the problem.

Check your Internet Browser

Our questionnaires are designed to support the most up-to-date Internet browsers. Currently, the recommended browsers are Internet Explorer 7+, Chrome 15+, Firefox 10+, Opera 8+ and Safari 3+. You may experience technical issues if using older browsers that are no longer fully supported. If you are encountering problems, we would recommend updating your browser to one of the latest versions.

What if I have forgotten my password?

If you have forgotten your password, simply enter your email address in the relevant space at the top of the home page (please make sure you use the email address you registered with). Then click login to send yourself an email reminder of your password.

The reminder email should arrive in your email inbox within a few minutes (depending on your Internet connection). If the reminder does not arrive, try clicking "send and receive" on your email program. If this doesn't work, try sending yourself another reminder following the steps given in the above paragraph.

Why am I unable to login to website, even when I have carefully copied my email address and password in to the login space?
Once you have completed your first questionnaire sent to you via email, we will process your answers and then you will be able to login. We will send you an email when the processing is complete.
I have completed the first questionnaire you emailed me, but I still cannot log in

Firstly, if you have not already done so, check you are using the correct email address. If you have started using a new email address, but have not updated your details, the system will not recognise your new email address.

Secondly, use the password reminder on the top right hand side of the screen to check you are not using a password you have set up on another website!

If you are copying and pasting your password, check that you are not copying any blank spaces before or after your password, as these are treated as extra characters by the system, thus making your password invalid.

If you are typing your password make sure that caps lock is not on - the password is case-sensitive.

Make sure that you have "cookies" enabled in your browser software; cookies are used in our login process and for tracking questionnaire completion. For information on checking and enabling your browser cookie settings, click here.

I have a technical question that is not answered here - what do I do?

Firstly, please note down as much information you can about the problem(s) you are experiencing, including any error messages you have seen.

Secondly, find out what software you are using. You can easily do this by visiting http://supportdetails.com and making a note of the details in the "Operating System" and "Web Browser" boxes. If you contact us with a technical question (that isn't answered here) it would be greatly appreciated if you can quote us the information you have collected.

Finally, email us this information: helpbeautycouncil@qumind.raiseaticket.com we will reply as soon as we are able. Before contacting us please check you have followed the steps above and only then contact us with as much detail as possible and explain the problem fully.

Who will be able to look at my personal information?
Please refer to our Privacy policy here.